In our current sermon series, we are breaking down our definition of a disciple to consider what it really means to be a follower of Jesus. A disciple is someone who is created by the gospel to learn Christ and lead others to do the same, by the power of
A New Year In our first sermon of 2019, Pastor Bobby made the connection from Psalm 1 What water is to a tree, is meditation on God’s word to a Christian Meditation on God’s words to us in the Bible will cause us to flourish like trees planted by streams
“Advent is definitely not for sissies”, writes Fleming Rutledge, in her striking new book on Advent.  What does she mean when she says that Advent is “not for sissies”? Advent is not for sissies because Advent is the season in the church calendar when we can most squarely face the
In the third week of Advent, Tess Wallace reflects on the theme of joy. The pursuit of joy I suspect that a lot of our time and energy this holiday season will be devoted to the pursuit of joy – finding the perfect gift for a loved one, travelling to
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As Christmas approaches and you are still trying to think of some last minute gifts, why not consider giving someone one of the following books? Or if you aren’t in the habit of reading Christian books yourself, maybe you could read one of the following as a new year’s resolution.
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The King is Love A poem by Joseph Byamukama, reflecting on the theme of Love on our second week of Advent. Have you heard? Have you seen?In the silent night, when there is no lightThe King sleeps, while heaven singsOur Maker is in a MangerLove has made His home with
Part two in a series on why NSCBC has committed to praying for DCF-involved families and providing a resource for learning to pray for vulnerable children. This post focuses on how God’s heart is to be a caring Father. The Heart of a Father At the heart of the Christian
The Advent Candles – Bringing Light into Darkness The season of advent begins in darkness. This is appropriate because the world can be a dark place. But we remember Jesus’ words I have come as a light to shine in this dark world, so that all who put their trust
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