As Christmas approaches and you are still trying to think of some last minute gifts, why not consider giving someone one of the following books? Or if you aren’t in the habit of reading Christian books yourself, maybe you could read one of the following as a new year’s resolution.
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The King is Love A poem by Joseph Byamukama, reflecting on the theme of Love on our second week of Advent. Have you heard? Have you seen?In the silent night, when there is no lightThe King sleeps, while heaven singsOur Maker is in a MangerLove has made His home with
Part two in a series on why NSCBC has committed to praying for DCF-involved families and providing a resource for learning to pray for vulnerable children. This post focuses on how God’s heart is to be a caring Father. The Heart of a Father At the heart of the Christian
The Advent Candles – Bringing Light into Darkness The season of advent begins in darkness. This is appropriate because the world can be a dark place. But we remember Jesus’ words I have come as a light to shine in this dark world, so that all who put their trust
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Church Elder Dave Sweet encourages us to take a step back this holiday season and be thankful, not just for our individual blessings, but for how we have seen God at work in our church, community, country and world. Loading Content... Share a Link to this Message The link has
When the feeling is gone Sitting around the table, about to reach for the mashed potatoes, you dread what’s coming next, “Ok everyone, let’s go around and all share what we feel thankful for this year.” It comes to your turn, “I feel thankful for … ?” Sometimes, the feeling
Steve Dagley shares the inspiration behind his song “Nothing is Hidden” based on Psalm 139. Songs from the heart Over the years, I’ve had a few opportunities to write songs for our church services, and the process turned out to be one of the best ways for me to study scripture. It
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This post is a reflection by Olivia Wood on the recent Christian Formation class ‘Gospel Hospitality’ Me? Evangelism? “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19) Growing up as an evangelical Christian, I was taught from this verse that I could not separate my faith from the act