Children’s Worship

A special time of worship with our 4-8 year old children

Children singing on stage

“Where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Mt 18:20

  • Our Children and Worship program is designed to “help children worship in a special place apart from the worshiping congregation so they become able to worship meaningfully with the congregation.”
  • This program “uses a sensorimotor style of storytelling as a primary means for encountering God, so God is experienced, not just learned about.  The experience of God is one of mystery, awe and wonder.”
  • “Children need to know how to find a quiet place within, which enables them to get ready to worship ‘all by themselves’ rather than sit in church in an imposed silence.  Our goal is to create an environment that enables young children to encounter and worship God.”(Exerpts from Young Children and Worship, Steward & Berryman, 1989)

Children’s Worship Needs You:
You can help serve as a Storyteller or a Greeter.

As a Storyteller:

  • You will serve as the “worship leader” who leads the children in worship by greeting them, preparing and sharing the bible story, leading children in song, scripture, offering, prayer and closing.
  • The stories you share with the children each week are written out for you in our Young Children and Worship curriculum book.  The materials are prepared for you and each biblical story is written with a worship context – so children can experience, praise and dwell in the presence of God.  Click here for a Story Tellers Outline.

As a Greeter:

  • Your primary responsibility is to help provide a quiet and worshipful environment for the children.  This can be done in the following ways: by helping the children to enter and leave the classroom in a quiet manner; by reminding them to walk more slowly and talk more softly; by sitting near them during our story to help them sit properly and to not be disruptive.   Click here for a full job description.

Please email Genesia Christensen ( to find out more details and help provide a meaningful worship experience for our children.  Thank You!!