College Ministry: Welcome


The College Ministry at NSCBC exists to connect students with the congregation and encourage discipleship relationships.

Our church is deeply-rooted, multi-generational, and local. Our roots go back to 1826 and the Second Great Awakening; we offer a unique opportunity amidst college life to relate with kids, families, senior citizens, and everyone in between; we’re just 5 minutes from Gordon and Endicott, a worshipping community in the neighborhood you now call your own.

So what does the college ministry look like at our church?

First, the college ministry connects students with the congregation—think of it like an entryway. We have a weekly shuttle and some college events to let you “come in from the cold” of visiting churches, events where you can learn some names and meet some people like you. However, we know that our church is best suited to serve college students who aren’t looking for more time with college students. The real riches of being a college student at NSCBC are what the college ministry aims to connect you to: The worship service, adult small groups, adult Sunday School classes, and ministry opportunities. To learn about our college events, click here.

Second, the college ministry encourages discipleship relationships. There are some unique opportunities and challenges for Christians in college, so we want to address questions and concerns that might not come up in the worship service or Sunday School classes. We believe the best way to meet the most needs in the most fitting way is through individual discipleship. If you’re interested in being disciple by a mature Christian in our community, we’ll find someone to take you out for lunch or a cup of coffee, no strings attached, to talk about growing your faith in college. If you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to continue meeting throughout the year. To explore college discipleship at NSCBC, click here.

Questions about the college ministry at NSCBC? Contact Jimmie & Ali Massie: or 978.626.2379.