Current Classes

Adult Christian Formation Classes

Sundays during the second service at 10:45am

A new ten-week session of adult Christian formation classes begins April 2:

God Beyond the West
Teachers: Brian Indrelie and Steve Waldron
Description: Sometimes we struggle to communicate the Gospel in terms that are understandable and interesting to people who aren’t Christians. We might also wonder what the Gospel has to do with earthly concerns about meeting people’s needs and seeking justice. By learning about how people outside Europe and North America think about God and read the Bible, we can start to answer these questions. African and Chinese ways of thinking about God show us how to explain Christianity in cultures that could seem resistant to it. African American and Latin American approaches to the Gospel can demonstrate how it relates to both physical and spiritual freedom.

Minor Prophets, Major Problems
Teachers: Russ Bjork, Ruby Lee, Daniel Leung
Description: The three prophets we will look at in this class – Amos, Hosea, and Jonah – spoke God’s Word to issues not unlike ones we face today. These are three of the 12 Old Testament books called “Minor Prophets,” not because their message is unimportant but because of their relatively short length. But in fact their message is of major importance to Christians living in 21st century America.

Youth Class
Teachers: Cy Casto, Kim Brodie, Richard & Tess Wallace
Description: Middle School and High School students meet in the Youth Room to study and discuss the attributes of God.

DiscipleLand for children of all ages meets in various classrooms based on age/grade. For more information about children’s Sunday School, click here.

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