Current Classes

Adult Christian Formation Classes

Meet during the second service at 10:45am



Where is Jesus in the Old Testament?

Do you ever get overwhelmed or confused by what’s happening in the Old Testament or wonder how it relates to the New Testament? Are you uncertain about how the first 1/3 of the Bible connects to our life today? In this class, we’ll explore the main themes of the Old Testament and discover how they point to Christ. We’ll discuss how the Old Testament speaks to the concerns and thoughts of our culture today and how this makes a difference in the way we live our everyday lives.

Teacher: Brian Indrelie, Ruby Lee, Melissa Lowther

Location: Friendship Hall (Lower Level)

Join discussions of the sermon to help us consider how to better understand and apply the message we hear each week.



Youth Sunday School

Will You be my Facebook Friend?: How Social Media Can Impact Our Relationship with Each Other and with Jesus

Location: Youth Room


Children’s Sunday School based on the Gospel Story for Kids curriculum meets in various classrooms based on age/grade. For more information about children’s Sunday School, click here.

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