Current Sermon Series

Basic Christianity: a series on 1 John


Here is a blog post about the first sermon in the series.

If you are interested in additional reading related to our current sermon series, consider these suggestions:

Life Together: Prayerbook of the Bible by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. This book is Bonhoeffer’s great theological interpretation of the Psalms. He describes the moods of an individual’s relationship with God and also the turns of love and heartbreak, joy and sorrow that are themselves the Christian community’s path to God.

The Gospel-Centered Life by Robert H. Thune and Will Walker. Lots of Christians talk about the gospel, but how many really understand the gospel and know how to apply it to their lives? Featuring nine self-contained lessons with discussion questions, articles, practical exercises, and comprehensive leader’s notes in the back, this book helps participants understand how the gospel shapes every aspect of life.

Serving a Movement by Timothy Keller. Our goal as Christians is never simply to build our own tribe. Instead, we seek the peace and prosperity of community in which we live through a gospel movement led by the Holy Spirit, united by Jesus Christ, a common mission to reach and serve others, and a commitment to be gracious and generous to those who disagree with you. Timothy Keller examines what it means to be a “missional” church today and how churches can practically equip people for missional living. 

Bible and Mission: Christian Witness in a Postmodern World by Richard Bauckham. This engaging study shows how God identifies himself with particular individuals or people in human history in order to be known by all. He is the God of Abraham, Israel, and David and, finally, the one who acts through Jesus Christ. Bauckham applies these insights to the contemporary scene, encouraging those involved in mission to be sensitive to postmodern concerns about globalization while at the same time emphasizing the uniqueness of Christian faith.

Befriend: Create Belonging in an Age of Judgment, Isolation, and Fear by Scott Sauls. A book that considers Jesus’ model of friendship, Befriend gives real examples of what it looks like to be changed by the gospel and to apply that to your everyday relationships.

God’s Big Picture: Tracing the Storyline of the Bible by Vaughan Roberts. Sixty-six books written by forty people over nearly 2,000 years, in two languages and several different genres. A worldwide bestseller published in countless sizes and bindings, translations and languages. The Bible is clearly no ordinary book. How can you begin to read and understand it as a whole? Roberts gives you the big picture-showing how the different parts of the Bible fit together under the theme of the kingdom of God. He provides both the encouragement and the tools to read the Bible with confidence and understanding. And he points you to the Bible’s supreme subject, Jesus Christ, and the salvation God offers through him.