Family Promise

Family Promise is a local organization that organizes an interfaith hospitality network.  This means that churches on the North Shore are collaborating in order to provide shelter, food, and community to local families experiencing homelessness.  NSCBC has signed on as a Partner Congregation in this effort.
This means NSCBC will quarterly have a week where we participate in an organized fashion by having dinner with families, playing games with the kids, and hosting guests overnight in our church facility.  As you enjoy participating and get to know guests, there are certainly opportunities to return more often.

If you are interested in getting involved, you can learn more about Family Promise and how they help by visiting their website or by speaking with the NSCBC – Family Promise contact, Sarah Bartley.

Ultimately if you wish to participate in a way that will include guest interaction, you will need to participate in a Family Promise training (approx 2 hours including a CORI check).  See the Family Promise website ( for up to date information on upcoming trainings and RSVP through Sarah.