The Prediction: Matthew 26:31-35 The Denial: Matthew 26:69-75 Obviously, fear for his life was the motivational factor that caused Peter to lie and deny his Lord, whom he loved, so soon after vowing he would be true to Christ to the point of death. I haven’t yet been called upon
Reading: Luke 22:47-54 The evening was ending badly, very badly. The week began in triumph as Jesus rode a donkey into the city where thousands were shouting his praise. Now Jesus is about to face punishment for something he did not do. He was accused by the establishment to be
Reading: Mark 14:32-42 In our fast-paced, modern culture, waiting often seems like cruel and unusual punishment. The very thought of supermarket checkout lines, crowds at the RMV, busy doctors’ offices, or Friday afternoons on the highways around Boston is enough to trigger feelings of frustration, tedium, and boredom. Waiting, we
Reading: Matthew 27:1-10 During this Lenten Season, we remember our Lord’s great sacrifice. We have all probably experienced betrayal to some degree, whether on a large scale or a small one, but to be betrayed by those closest to you, one in your inner circle, has to be devastating; to forgive