What difference does resurrection make?

As our daily lives continue in the wake of glorious Easter celebrations last weekend, let us not forget the power of the resurrection. Take a listen to this short personal reflection from British scholar N.T. Wright on what difference the resurrection makes in his life.

Sermon Scraps: Twitter vs Easter

In Pastor Bobby’s sermon Sunday, he referenced this article from the British publication The Spectator. It helps remind us of the reality and power of Easter, even in a time when “the gap between the religious world and the secular is growing all the time.”

After This

Today we conclude our Lenten devotional series with this post-resurrection reflection. Thank you to Kristin Gelinas for today’s post.   Read: John 21:1-14 “After this.” That’s how the passage begins. What a weight is carried in those two words! It had been one crazy weekend. Peter watched his Friend and Lord arrested, beaten, mocked, and carried…