Transferring to a new giving platform:

In the coming weeks, we will be moving from our current Online Giving platform over to the Church Center Giving platform! Church Center is a platform quite similar to Pushpay, with all of the same features and functions that those who give have access to now, and the platform gives our bookkeepers and staff greater ability to integrate information well! We are asking that if you currently give to NSCBC through Pushpay, that you cancel your giving through that platform and transfer to Church Center giving! Our deadline for this transition is Labor Day Weekend, so if you have not yet switched over at that point our bookkeepers will be reaching out to you to make this shift. The bookkeepers are also available if you would like help cancelling recurring transactions in Pushpay!

How to Smoothly Transition your Giving

We hope that this process is a fairly smooth one for you! In a few simple steps, you can transition your giving from Pushpay to Church Center.
  1. If you currently have a Pushpay giving account through which you give on a set schedule, you will need to cancel your payment schedule. You can do this by clicking 'Your Account' and then 'Manage Account' in the top right corner of the NSCBC Pushpay screen. In these settings you can cancel your giving.
  2. You can then begin giving through Church Center! Visit this link to begin.
  3. Enter the giving amounts, frequency, and your personal information - you can then connect your Church Center account to your card or bank account.
When you have completed these steps, you should be successfully transferred over to Church Center Giving! As always, if you have any questions about giving at NSCBC, please feel free to email our bookkeepers.


Cash or checks can be placed in the Collection box on Sundays.

Collection Box

There is a Collection Box near the sanctuary doors and in the wall outside the old Bookkeeper’s office (lower level) that is available at any time.


Checks mailed to 9 Hart Street, Beverly, MA 01915

Auto Bill Pay

Bill pay through a bank or financial institution (contact your bank to set this up)

Gifts of Stock and Mutual Funds

Gifts of Stock and Mutual Funds would allow NSCBC to receive the full market value of your gift, and usually you would receive a tax savings. Donated securities must be owned over 1 year.

IRA and Retirement Funds

IRA or Retirement Fund can only be accepted if donor is over 70 ½ years of age.

Nonprofit Status

North Shore Community Baptist Church is a 501c3 organization, EIN 04-2777703