Something to Praise

Many of us are moving through every day life – in the midst of pain and joy and sorrow and satisfaction – thinking “there’s got to be more to life than this.” Whether one believes in Jesus or not, we all recognize that we need more gratitude in our world. For those who are Christians, we have something to praise. We give our thanks to God. The Bible is full of commands to thank and praise God. This is not because God is insecure or because he needs our praise, but he wants to share with us the joy that he always has. He wants to give us the gift of joyful thanks.

In Pastor Bobby’s sermon yesterday, he shared his experience of receiving a random act of culture. 650 singers from the Opera Company of Philadelphia and other choruses filled the famous Macy’s department store in Philadelphia during Christmas shopping season, dressed as common shoppers, and began singing the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah. This chorus of praise descended onto the shoppers that day as they were in the midst of ordinary life. You can experience this, too, by watching this clip:

As we begin this Thanksgiving week and move into the Advent season, let us find joy in thankful praise to God. We can praise God because he has forgiven all our sins and has lifted us from the pit and bestowed on us his love and compassion (Psalm 103).

If you would like to experience a not-so-random act of culture at the beginning of Advent, consider listening to or attending a performance of Handel’s Messiah. Some of our church attenders are participating in a local performance during the first weekend of December with Chorus North Shore. You can find more info here. There are other performances of Messiah in Boston through Boston Baroque, the Handel & Haydn Society, and more. You will also want to mark your calendar for our church’s Christmas concert on Sunday, December 13, at 3pm. As you participate in many holiday festivities over the next month – whether attending concerts or other events – remember that we have something to praise and let that praise fill your souls throughout this season.