Steps for Newcomers

Connect with us at NSCBCWe desire that everyone at NSCBC would make three connections:

  1. Connect with God in a deep, personal relationship;
  2. Connect with our church community – through small groups and discipleship groups and service opportunities
  3. Connect your faith to the world you live in.

Our Connect Team helps those new to our church, as well as long-time attenders, find where they can get involved to develop these connections. Our connect classes provide newcomers with an introduction to the church, and are the best way to begin your connection to our fellowship.

1. Attend. The first step into community to let us know you’re here! Attend worship and fill out a connect form. This lets us know you are interested in learning more about the church, and we will be in touch with you the following week and will invite you to the upcoming connect lunches. We also would love to hear how we can pray for you, and what brought you to NSCBC.

Fill out a connect form here!

2. Connect. As you begin your time at NSCBC, we hope you would connect in meaningful ways with others in the community. Attending the connect lunches is a great place to meet staff and leaders, as well as other newcomers to the church. We hold these classes quarterly (fall, winter, spring) so check the latest bulletins and eNews for the next connect lunch dates.

Connect 1

Connect 1 is a chance for you to get to chat with Pastor Bobby and some of our church staff and hear about our church and our vision for the future. It’s a great way to learn about who we are and the best way to begin to get connected to our community. Lunch is provided.




Connect 2

If you would like to take a further step into Gospel community at NSCBC, join us for Connect 2, where Pastor Bobby discusses what it means to be a member of our church as you prayerfully consider joining our fellowship. Anyone can participate in the Connect 2 class even if you are not ready to continue in the membership process. During the time we look at the identity, calling, and structure of our church. Lunch is also provided!


3. Belong

We encourage people who are a regular part of our community to consider becoming members. While you can certainly belong here without becoming a member, a member is someone who formally commits themselves to our church family. Even if you are only going to be in the area for a short time, we hope you would invest in the community through this formal commitment. By expressing our commitment to the church we are expressing our love and care for the people in it.

Qualifications for membership can be read in our church constitution.

Membership Application

We encourage people to attend Connect 1 and Connect 2 before applying for membership as they are great ways to learn more about the church.

After Connect 2 a membership application can be filled in followed by a conversation with some of our elders. The application can be completed online by clicking the button below, or a paper version can be downloaded here or requested from the church office. To complete the form online, login through church center at the link below.