Prayer for the North Shore

When I was in college, I went on the first of several short-term mission trips. As is often the case in short-term trips, my impact on the country I served was rather limited…but its impact on me was profound.

One of my biggest take-aways was on the power of prayer. We prayed for our time—constantly, deliberately, specifically, knowledgably—and we expected God to show up in our encounters. And He did.

It made me wonder—what if we approached our day-to-day, walking around, going to work, eating food, seeing friends and neighbors kind of life with the same constant, deliberate, specific, knowledgeable prayer, and expected God to show up?

Beginning May 15 (Pentecost Sunday), NSCBC will be spending 30 days in focused prayer for the North Shore. We are in the process of creating a prayer guide to assist us in praying intentionally and knowledgeably.

We would like to hear from YOU about your town, its neighborhoods, schools, ministries, and communities, so we will be holding a series of focus groups about various towns. Come, enjoy some snacks with others from your area, and help us learn about your community. It will take about 20 minutes (really!).

March 6, after church (grab snacks from Fellowship Time and meet downstairs):

  1. Beverly, Danvers, and Peabody, moderated by Natalie Crowson
  2. Hamilton, Wenham, Boxford, and Ipswich, moderated by Laura Range

March 20, between services (grab snacks from Fellowship Time and meet downstairs):

  1. Rockport, Gloucester, Manchester, Essex, moderated by Laura Range
  2. Salem, Marblehead, and Lynn, moderated by Natalie Crowson

Please email with any questions.

2016-03-01 group prayer hands


Laura Range is working with Natalie Crowson and others to compile a 30-day Prayer Guide for the North Shore.