That’s My King

For the last six weeks during Lent, we’ve been reflecting on the sin of humanity and Christ’s work on the cross for us. During the Genesis sermon series, we contemplated the lies that Adam and Eve believed about God and about themselves. We learned about Cain’s offering and how it was really for himself. Through the flood we recognized that judgment is necessary to address the evil in the world. And at the Tower of Babel we saw the sorry attempt of God’s creation to build a stairway to heaven. Then, on Palm Sunday, we considered how we got caught up in a moment, not realizing the King we worshipped was not here to meet our expectations. Humanity has fallen over and over again.

But over these weeks, we’ve also contemplated how Jesus Christ has reversed our sinful ways by coming down to die. He climbed the tree to give us life. He gives us grace by conquering our sin. He drops his weapon and takes on the judgment for us. He comes down to give us identity through his saving actions. He goes to the cross—being mocked, maligned, and murdered—to forgive us.

In one of the greatest modern sermons on the supremacy of Christ, the late preacher, Dr. S.M. Lockridge, shares a message of the kind of king Jesus is. On this Good Friday, watch a powerful portion of his message here.