Apatheism: A New Approach to Spirituality

“Apatheism” is a new term describing people who are apathetic about matters of God/spirituality. Additionally, those who are apatheists don’t actually care about other people’s religion either. But, apatheists aren’t necessarily atheists; they could even be Christians. Jonathan Rauch, journalist and apatheist, coined and explains this concept in this article.

This Sunday after the service we’ll be discussing this concept together and considering our experiences. As you think of your family and friends, do most of them seem to be concerned about spiritual and faith matters? How would you respond to someone who says “I don’t need church. I’m just not that interested.”? Have you had a conversation like that recently?

What is attractive about Christianity? What’s so great about being a Christian? Why do you go to church? What do we have that can’t be found anywhere else?