The Search for Meaning

As we begin a new year, we begin a new sermon series at NSCBC. Throughout January and part of February 2017, Pastor Bobby will be speaking from Ecclesiastes.


In a culture that prizes authenticity and reality TV, Ecclesiastes is relentlessly honest in its appraisal of life. Life is a gift from God, but the book’s “Teacher” says it’s freakin’ hard. And for anyone who’s questioned whether the Bible can realistically assess life – in all its vicissitudes – this book will set the record straight. The Teacher critiques all our approaches to find meaning apart from the grace and mercy of God. He chastens our vain pursuits and forces us to open our hands to a God who “gives and takes away” and – more importantly – who enters our “vain” human condition to redeem it.

Topics will include subjects such as: the problem of time, pleasure, justice, morality, work, money, power, etc. Join us on Sundays at 9am or 10:45am as we explore these subjects.

Ecclesiastes is a bewildering book (by intention), but here’s a short video by the Bible Project that helps clear away the “mist”/“vanity”!