A Baptism Story

On Easter Sunday 2017 we had the privilege of baptizing four individuals who chose to publicly profess their faith in Christ. Robin Windom was one of those baptized on April 16. Here is her faith story.

From the time I was a little girl, I’ve considered myself a Christian. I was raised in a Christian home and was baptized as an infant. I was confirmed into the church, but as I look back now, I realize that I was too young and immature to totally grasp the significance of that day.

I know God has really been at work in my life over the past few years. As I went through my Dad’s battle with cancer and his death, something really awakened in me. I began wanting to know even more about Jesus, His life, and especially His promise of eternal life and Heaven. I needed more!

So I began reading my Bible more and began searching online for various ways to enhance my understanding of God’s word…that’s how I found this church, and I became drawn to it.

I came here for the first time on Good Friday, 2015 for the Tenebrae Service. That night I was touched in so many ways through the words, the music, the dimming of the lights, this huge rugged cross…the darkness…the silence. It’s a really powerful service, and I encourage you to attend if you haven’t. It was a very emotional evening for me. I felt Jesus here, and more than ever before in my life, the weight of His cross as He carried it to die for ME! For ME! God led me to this place and being here has encouraged my spiritual growth.

As I’ve continued to study more and grow deeper in my faith, I’ve decided that I want to be baptized as a believer and to publicly proclaim that Jesus is my Lord and Savior! I put my hope, my faith, and my trust in Him! There couldn’t be a more special day for me to do this than on Easter Sunday morning!

We are so excited for Robin and the others who were baptized as they continue growing in faith. If you want to learn more about baptism or what it means to follow Christ, contact office@nscbc.org.