Inspiring the World with the Story of the Gospel

People have been telling the gospel story for millennia. It’s a source of great inspiration: artists, authors, and builders in every generation retell this simple yet deeply complex message of unending love and self-sacrifice in fresh ways to new ears.

Since the start of 2017, the Outreach Ministries Fund of NSCBC has supported some exciting projects. Four of these gifts supported projects exploring new frontiers retelling the gospel story. They are outlined here:

Training indigenous missionaries in filmmaking

We provided two scholarships for students in India to attend a Frontier Filmmaking Seminar through Create International. Steve and Allyson, former NSCBC members, now work with Create to train young, underfunded missionaries around the world who would like to learn how to effectively use media for missions initiatives. The seminars cover basic training in a variety of filmmaking disciplines including cross-cultural methods to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Participants serve as production assistants on the film crew producing stories by and for indigenous people in unreached communities.

Transforming orphan care with the gospel

We supported travel costs for a former NSCBC member, Cindy Finley, to travel to Zambia with RiverCross, an organization that works internationally to train the caregivers of orphans and other vulnerable children. In Zambia, Cindy shared audio dramas embedded with trauma healing, best practices of orphan care, and Biblical principles with the goal of transforming how orphans are cared for–equipping caregivers to help the children heal from the trauma they have experienced, and ultimately find hope in Jesus Christ.

Reading the gospel of John to people who are dying

We sent copies of the gospel of John with Monie Fluth on her recent trip to Cameroon where she spent time in the Cameroon Baptist Health Services palliative care program, visiting patients who are experiencing the end of life. She prayed with patients and their families, sharing about the hope of the gospel. Monie read sections of John with each person, underlining verses of note, writing their name in the book, and leaving it with them to keep.

Teaching Ukrainian pastors to preach Christ

We supported Pastor Bobby’s recent trip to Ukraine where he and former pastor Rich Schoenert trained 90 pastors in two conferences. Through a translator they showed both young and more experienced pastors how to find and teach about Christ in passages throughout Scripture, glorifying Christ as the key to transformation in the Christian life.


Through the Outreach Ministries Fund, NSCBC contributes to projects that advance evangelistic and social service needs both local and worldwide. An exciting part of OMF is that the requests often offer an opportunity to support the passion projects of our very own church members and world partners, or those of neighbors and friends. If you are involved in your local community (or anywhere else in the world) and have a project that needs financial support, we invite you to read more and apply on the church website or speak with OMF Chair, Anne Bajema.