The King is Love – An Advent Poem

The King is Love

A poem by Joseph Byamukama, reflecting on the theme of Love on our second week of Advent.

Have you heard? Have you seen?
In the silent night, when there is no light
The King sleeps, while heaven sings
Our Maker is in a Manger
Love has made His home with us


The King is Love, and He is here
His trail from the manger leads to the cross
As those, He made in love
Crucify Him in hate
But He loves, and loves, and loves again
From the pain of His love
Comes peace into our lives


The King is Love, and He saves
He lives and reconciles
Through Him, we are redeemed
As we, mere earthen vessels
Tread the heavenly aisles
Loosed from slumber and sin
And filled with joy within


And now we are Love’s agents
Saved to serve the King of ages
With a mission to let our love so shine
That the world might see and be saved


Arise in the newness of life
And live for the King of Love
Let love be your mission
That spurs you into action
May it change your convictions,
Your passions and vision


May we give ourselves
For our neighbor’s sake
That the King may save
Even those in sin
For He is Love, also for such as these
Do not fear
The King is here