Exciting news for Foster Care in Massachusetts – God is at work!

Answer to prayer

Since September we have been praying at NSCBC alongside 6 other churches in the North Shore Gospel Partnership for God to work powerfully in the Foster care system on the North Shore. We have prayed for children in the system, for the DCF staff, for new and existing foster parents, and for law makers and judges.

In the last few months we have begun to see God answering some of our prayers, with some people from our churches starting the process of applying to be foster parents, others currently involved feeling encouraged, and friendships being developed with DCF staff. Praise God for what he is doing!

Announcement from the Governor

On Tuesday May 14 we heard of another reason to think God is at work here. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced a major reform plan for the foster care system, with plans to boost the number of social workers in the state working directly with families and in recruiting foster parents, as well as pledging his administration’s commitment to the work of DCF. Read about the plans here in this Boston Globe article.

It’s exciting that the politicians that we have been praying for are recognizing the needs of the foster care system and trying to use their power to help. There is a lot of work to do to implement these plans and it is yet to be seen if they will be successful, but it is surely an encouragement in two ways, first, it is encouraging to see a desire for action and hopefully a long term commitment from the state government, and second, it is encouraging to see God at work in this situation and prayers being answered!

Let’s continue praying!

Hearing this news should be a motivation for us to keep going to our heavenly Father in prayer, to praise Him and to continue to bring our requests for the foster care system before him.

  • Praise God for what we are seeing, especially the renewed investment from the political leaders we have been praying for
  • Pray that these plans will be implemented wisely and will make a real difference in the foster care system
  • Pray that new DCF staff will be trained and equipped well to help children and families and ease the load on the existing hard working staff
  • Pray for more families to consider becoming foster families
  • Pray that God would get glory through all he is doing and people in our state would see what he is like