Jesus: The Bridegroom

Read John 2:1-12

It was the bridegroom’s job to plan the wedding party and ensure that there was enough wine for all the guests. The groom in this story failed. 

Have you ever hosted a party where things went wrong? Maybe you ran out of food or maybe Uncle Henry wouldn’t stop talking about politics. Whether it’s something we do, or something totally outside our control, our attempts to host the perfect get-together can fail. The bridegroom in John 2 was facing disaster at his own wedding, as running out of wine would have been a great source of shame and embarrassment. Our lives can be like that too.

Life’s Party

We try to host our own party. Through our own willpower and ingenuity, we set out to build a life of joy, fulfillment, and personal growth. Eventually, those efforts fall flat. We can feel like a failure of a host with an empty wine cellar. In place of joy and transformation, we feel disappointment, and even shame. This is when we must realize we are not the host of the party. We need Jesus to step in and show himself to be the true bridegroom, the true host. He not only changed water into the best wine of all, but provided it in super-abundance – over 100 gallons of exquisite wine, the best of the best. That’s what our God does. He provides grace and joy—in excess. By producing so much wine in ceremonial washing jars, Jesus made an incredible statement. In him is joy and in him is cleansing.

Jesus is the Host

Jesus can’t just be a guest at your party. He needs to be the groom, the host, the provider. We all must let go of our relentless, self-driven pursuit for approval, security, and control. Jesus is in charge. His own blood is the wine that saves us from shame and guilt and changes us into new creations. 

Do you believe that the same Christ who transformed water into wine can make you new as well? What would it look like for him to become the host of the party? In prayer, name an area where you can surrender control.


Written by Porter Sprigg

Artwork by Albert Decaris, Lithograph from Jesus en son temps by Daniel-Rops (Editions des Deux-Rives: 1953)