Jesus: Light of the World

Read John 9:1-41

“Who sinned?” The question is philosophical, as if the blindman isn’t there to answer. Society’s leaders see a blind man — a beggar, sinner, outsider, bad person. Jesus sees differently. He sees through assumptions and labels. He is Light. In fact, he is the only one who truly sees. Society stumbles in darkness. It does not see. But Jesus does. And he sees an opportunity.

Observing, but not seeing

When Jesus heals the blind man, he not only gives sight—he gives light. The man sees. His heart shines like a beacon. Meanwhile society is blind. They investigate but don’t see. They observe but don’t perceive. Society says, “Jesus must be a sinner!” In front of them stands a man, born blind, who now sees! But they stubbornly won’t see. “You are a sinner, too,” they say and kick him out.

The Islands, where I serve, are a Muslim nation. There are Islanders who have Jesus’s Light. Their experience is not unlike the man in this story. They are questioned for the change in their life. When they talk about Jesus, they are often rejected. If they share about the Bible, they are told, “That book is false and has been changed.” And despite the miraculously changed life serving as evidence, society says, “If you don’t pray in the mosque, how can you be good?” Society sees outsiders, sinners, bad people.

Encouragement and Warning

Do you ever feel like an outsider because of Jesus? Be encouraged! You are part of a special group of people. You are not alone. Like the man in our story, Jesus puts His light in you. You shine. Jesus is with you.

To the religious leaders, Jesus offers a warning: “Your guilt remains.” Have you taken society’s view of things? Is there anyone you have rejected, overlooked, or undervalued? Who do you label a sinner, outsider, bad person? It may be one person or a group of people. Are there people you need to start noticing? Take some time now to reflect on this and ask Jesus to heal your sight.


Written by Tom L

Artwork by Lisle Gwynn Garrity, Siloam© A Sanctified Art