Portraits of Growth: Jen Migonis

At NSCBC, we believe that multiplying disciples who make disciples is crucial to seeing a gospel movement on the North Shore. Throughout the year, we want to highlight encouraging stories of our people growing through discipleship groups and preparing to multiply their faith. Our discipleship groups run for about one-year each and are leader-initiated, with most beginning shortly after the new year. Stay tuned for more info about how to sign up for one next year!

Will you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I’m Jen Migonis. I live with my husband, AJ, and our four kids in Manchester. I am a real estate agent and run my home and lifestyle blog, Migonis Home. We have been attending NSCBC for about two and a half years.

Who is in your discipleship group, and what led you to want to join a D-group?

I am part of a D-group led by Rachel C. Maggie H., Megan B, and I are part of the group. AJ was part of a D-group with some great and encouraging guys last year and it really was impactful on his walk with the Lord. I wanted to join a group for the accountability of reading large portions of Scripture (including books that I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards (Leviticus! Judges!) and because I saw how the deep relationships AJ built in his group still provide continual encouragement and growth.

What has been the most impactful part of your discipleship group experience so far?

I have LOVED reading and listening to large portions of Scripture over the week. It has been so different from all my prior, more in-depth quiet time/Bible studies, and has given me such a clear picture of the redemption story throughout Scripture and how the plan for Christ rescuing us was set into motion from the Garden of Eden!

What is one way you’re growing in your love for God and his word so far this year?

I have loved reading and learning about God’s continued provision and faithfulness toward His people! It is so clear that God desires a relationship with us and calls us to holiness again and again…and often it’s in ways that are so counter to culture.

What is one area of your life where you’ve been spurred on to fresh obedience to Jesus, from being part of your discipleship group?

I am definitely learning to wait on the Lord and to worry less when he doesn’t do things in the timing that I think they should be done in. I’m also realizing, more than ever, that if God says “no” to something there is a good reason. All throughout the Bible, I have watched God provide continually for his people… sometimes the providing is through discipline, and sometimes it’s through enormous blessing.  Both can be life-giving.

What is one way that your discipleship group is helping you to love others well (family, friends, co-workers)?

This group has been helpful in being paired with women who are in a somewhat similar stage of life with young children. It’s been great to bounce ideas off of the other members of the group for tricky parenting moments. We’ve walked together through everything from multiple deaths, to broken relationships and moves, to potty training. It’s helping me see life from another person’s perspective and gain the insights from three other women who are very different from me and from each other.

What is one thing you’re learning in your discipleship group that you want to take with you when you disciple others in the future?

I would love for others to know how important it is to see the big picture of Scripture AND how crucial it is to dig down deep to really explore stories and themes. The faithfulness of God is so evident when looking deeply into certain stories and when looking at the broader rescue story.