Our New Look

We are excited to announce that NSCBC's website and logo now have a new look and feel! Since February 2018, some of our staff have been working to bring our outward visual presentation into alignment with the internal renewal we have been experiencing as a church over the last few years. We sought to develop a tangible look and feel that would be more accessible to both members of the church and members of our local community. In order to do this, we worked with an outside organization who helped us reflect on how we are historically rooted, but we are a church for today, highlighting our vision to see a gospel movement and clearly express our dependence upon God.

A Compass North

As we thought about our area, we realized that there are a lot of intelligent people here, but intelligence isn't the same thing as wisdom and many are seeking wisdom for life. The compass image communicates that God guides us and offers us direction as we follow True North. Pointing north, it also represents our upward gaze upon Christ, as well as communicating through a nautical theme the location of our church on the North Shore with the "N" and physical location near the ocean through the blue hues.

A Local Focus

Throughout our website we haven't just included images of our church building, instead we have included lots of images of the places on the North Shore where we live, work, socialize and engage with our community. This is because our church isn't our building but is our people living as followers of Jesus all over the North Shore. We love our area and want to see the people here flourish, which is why it is our vision to see a Gospel Movement on the North Shore. Hopefully our website communicates this to you!