See below for sample questions you might choose to ask when shepherding your weekly meeting.  Depending on the structure of your weekly meeting, and the makeup of your group, these questions might flow more organically out of the reading discussion or group processing, or you might insert some of these questions more intentionally into your time together:

Shepherding Bible

  1. What do you sense was the basic theme/message of this book or portion of Scripture?
  2. Where did you notice about the character of God in the reading?

Shepherding Obedience

  1. How do you sense the Lord calling you to respond to what you read this week? Is there a truthyou want to keep thinking about, an attitude you want to embrace, or an action you want to take?
  2. What else do you sense the Lord calling you to do, and what are you going to do about it?

Shepherding Openness

  1. Where are you feeling burdened? How can we pray and/or help?
  2. What sins do you want to confess from the past week, whether in your heart/attitude, or in your actions?

Shepherding Mission

  1. How are you doing loving and serving the people God has brought into your life? (This might include intimates: spouse, children, parents, immediate family, church family: those members of our local church we have a unique responsibility to love and serve, or neighbors: particularly those we run into on a weekly basis, such as coworkers, friends, classmates, baristas, and of course physical neighbors!)
  2. Who is someone who is close to you, but not a follower of Jesus, who we can be praying for? How can you point them to Jesus this week with your words and your actions?