I Am Interested in a Discipleship Group

D-Groups at NSCBC follow Jesus’ pattern of being leader-initiated.  After a D-Group leader experiences intentional discipleship, they seek to multiply, and begin investing in others by leading a group of their own. Just as Jesus prayed extensively before calling his disciples, we encourage our D-Group leaders to prayerfully seek the Lord’s leading in who they will disciple next (Luke 6:12-19).
Therefore, while there is no official “sign-up” process for D-Groups, our leaders are always looking for people who are hungry to experience discipleship, and to eventually make disciples themselves.  If this is you, we encourage you to engage with the resources below, and fill out the interest form:

1) Watch

“Why Discipleship Groups?” Video

2) Read

3) Fill-Out

Fill out the Discipleship Group Interest Form. Our discipleship group leaders will have access to your form, as they multiply.