Here is a checklist to help you prepare for the night:

  1. Begin to look forward to this evening together!
  2. Select a night (November 6 or 7), determine a location (e.g. a restaurant, eating take-out outside, cooking at home, or borrowing a friend's home), and make any reservations or plans for childcare, as necessary.
  3. Check your mailbox. You will receive printed materials in the coming week. Be sure to bring the conversation guide with you on your date.
  4. Watch this video (7 min) before you go on your date. It will introduce the theme for the night.

After your date:

  • If you plan to use the $50 reimbursement follow these instructions and we'll mail you a check:
    • If submitting a reimbursement for dinner: Save your receipt! Download the Reimbursement Request Form and fill it out, either electronically or in print. If electronically, fill out all except “Approved by,” and e-mail both the form and a photo of your receipt to If filling out in print, mail the form and receipt to the church address at 9 Hart Street, Beverly MA, addressed to NSCBC Bookkeeper. In both cases, be sure to include “Meal for Couples’ Date Night” under “Description.”
    • If submitting a reimbursement for childcare: Download the Childcare for Couples’ Date Night Form and have your childcare worker sign it on the night of, including the amount paid. Then, download the Reimbursement Request Form and follow the above instructions but include "Childcare for Couples’ Date Night" under "Description."
  • Complete the short survey below to let us know how it went, as well as anything you think could help improve the experience in the future.
  • Reflect on your time together.
  • Plan your next date.

May God bless you and your spouse as you spend time intentionally nurturing your marriage together!

Couples' Date Night Survey