Palm Sunday / Passion Sunday
The Lord Reigns from the Cross
Mark 15:1-41 | March 24th | 9:15a and 11a services
We begin holy week shouting "Hosanna!" which means "Save us!" as Jesus rides into Jerusalem not on a war horse but a gentle donkey, a beast of burden. As we do, children are invited to process along with our choir waving palm branches and singing the hymn "Hosanna, Loud Hosanna." While this day is always known as "Palm Sunday" it is also known as "Passion Sunday" when churches recount large portions of the Passion narrative - Jesus' final day and the crucifixion. Our sermon text focuses on the final key events in the story - Jesus' trial before Pilate and his sentencing and death.    
Family Meeting:
Building Needs Listening Session
March 24th | 12:30pm | RSVP Here
Note there is a special Family Meeting at 12:30pm as we hold a building needs listening session and share a meal together. Please RSVP here by March 18th so we can plan for food and childcare.
Note: Our previously held Maundy Thursday dinners with Anchor Bay church are not happening this year. We hope to do those again in future years but are taking a break this year.
Good Friday Tenebrae Service
The Way of the Cross
March 29th | 7pm Service Joint service with Antioch Church (A North Shore Gospel Partnership church)
This sobering service recounts Jesus' last words from the cross. Tenebrae, from the latin for 'darkness' is a meditation on the seven last words. Seven readers, from NSCBC and Antioch Church in Beverly, will share a reflection on each word retold and interpreted from their own experience and their own lives. It is a service where we are invited to sit in disappointment, pain, suffering, and unanswered questions. In addition to these testimonies, we will meditate on the crucifixion through art, poetry, and music led by Katie Hanchett of Antioch Church. This service is what would be best described as 'parental guidance suggested,' as it deals with mature themes and content, and has moments of silence and darkness that might not be good for younger children. Our cry room will be dimly lit and available for use during the service, and read on for other interactive options for families!
Good Friday Interactive Experience
The Seven Last Words of Jesus
An interactive experience designed for families and children
An option specifically designed for families, our Good Friday stations are interactive ways for children and families to reflect on the passion story. We will have seven stations setup around the sanctuary with images from the Jesus Storybook Bible and Scott Erickson, alongside an interactive activity at each station. The stations are entirely self guided so you can go at your own pace. Feel free to come to the church during holy week at the time that works best for your family:
  • Wednesday March 27, 5-7pm
  • Thursday March 28, 5-7pm
  • Friday March 29, 9am-5pm