General Grant

The Outreach Ministries Fund gives four to five grants a year, most ranging from $50 to $1500. These grants serve ministry needs that are specific, one-time, and verifiable by receipt. Grants can be made to meet a ministry program’s critical need, provide funds for a new project, or towards facilities improvements.
Grant Examples from Past Years
  • Ministry materials: Bibles; school backpacks; video and workbooks
  • Conferences or training: fees and associated costs, travel expenses
  • Facility repair and upgrades: repairing building damage; kitchen countertops; a 15-passenger van; heating system repairs; a computer
  • Special expenses: food and decorations for a celebration; consultation with a nutritionist for an orphanage.
The Outreach Ministries Fund Team meets quarterly to consider pending requests.
How it works:

The application is online (see link below). You may also request a printed application.

You may submit an application at any time. You will be notified within a week of our receipt of your information. Please note: a reference from someone at NSCBC will be required.

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Contact Information

The Outreach Ministries Fund Team consists of Anne Bajema (chair), Sarah Bartley and Rich Healey. For more information, contact the OMF team at

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