A Partnering Church

Not only do we send out church members around the world, we also seek to partner with those who we send. Our partnership has different aspects
  • Praying for God's power to be at work in the regions
  • Praying for the people to have their hearts open to God
  • Praying for the concerns of our world partners
  • Giving financially and seeking to invest wisely and generously in work that is advancing God's Kingdom
  • Providing encouragement
  • Offering up our own time and gifts on projects where we might be useful
  • Supporting partners on home assignment
  • Visiting partners on vision or mission trips
If you are interested in finding out more about one of our partner regions and how you could support the partners there, fill out the interest form below and a member of our world team will connect with you.

An Equipping Church

As part of our vision to see Gospel Movements around the world we want to be investing in the next generations of those who will bring the good news to unreached places. If you have an interest in exploring cross-cultural ministry, either abroad or in the US, we have an exploring cross-cultural ministry cohort that brings people together so they can process, learn, and discern their calling in community with others. If you re interested in find out more email richard@nscbc.org.