Whose Side Are You On?

This recent political season and Sunday’s shooting in Orlando has found Christians described in the news most often by what they’re against: gun control, same-sex marriage, immigration, abortion, alcohol, etc. Imagine a conversation with a friend who asks “How come Christians are so often portrayed as those who are against everything? It seems like Christians are always negative and telling everyone else how to live their lives.” Have you had a conversation like this? How would you respond to this?

Historically, the church has gravitated toward either resisting and distancing itselft from the world or accommodating and adapting itself to the world. Which approach best describes your natural inclination and how might you benefit from the other view?

These are questions we’ll be thinking about this Sunday as we gather on the church lawn to chat after the service. Here’s an article from NPR to get you thinking about how evangelicals are depicted in the media.