Sermon Scraps: Clothed in Humility

In yesterday’s sermon, Pastor Bobby spoke from 1 Peter 5 about leadership and how humility is (or should be) one of the key marks of a Christian leader. Humility is like our clothing – it should go with us everywhere and it should be one of the main things that identifies us as Christians. In The…

Proclaiming the Gospel to One Another

Tim Chester, pastor and author, has written this post about developing a gospel focus in our churches. He says that our church community – in order to grow and last – must be founded on Jesus Christ. “We don’t read the Bible simply to fill our minds, but to change our hearts. We don’t read the…

Sermon Scraps: A Community of Hope

In yesterday’s sermon, Pastor Bobby shared from 1 Peter about how we should be a community that holds up the hope we have in Jesus Christ. We can be different, like this small village in Le Chambon that saved thousands of Jews during WWII because they cared for others more than they cared for themselves….

Sermon Scraps: Inside Out

Yesterday, Pastor Bobby mentioned the Pixar movie Inside Out in his sermon. Here is an article that further reflects on the movie and its Gospel implications. What other movies have you seen that teach aspects of the Gospel?

Whose Side Are You On?

This recent political season and Sunday’s shooting in Orlando has found Christians described in the news most often by what they’re against: gun control, same-sex marriage, immigration, abortion, alcohol, etc. Imagine a conversation with a friend who asks “How come Christians are so often portrayed as those who are against everything? It seems like Christians…

Sermon Scraps: New Perspective through the Gospel

Yesterday, we continued in the series Ordinary Christians: Life Together on Mission. Pastor Bobby’s sermon emphasized that the Gospel not only gives us salvation, but it is the very  thing that helps us grow in Christ. It is through the Good News that we “get in” with God, but also become like his Son. The…

Sermon Scraps: Finding Christ in the Bible

Yesterday’s sermon reminded us that all of Scripture, including the Old Testament prophets and writings, are about Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:10-12). Pastor Bobby referenced a talk by Tim Keller that is summarized in the video in this post. As we realize that the Bible is not about us and what we need to do, but about…

Sermon Scraps: Sunday’s Coming

In last Sunday’s sermon, Pastor Bobby referenced a powerful message by S.M. Lockridge: It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Comin’! Take a look at the brief portion of his sermon and be reminded today of the living hope we have in Christ!