Lent Series: Celebration

Today we conclude our Lenten blog series, which has reflected on a different spiritual discipline each week – some inward, others outward; some individual, others corporate. We trust that these spiritual practices will help facilitate God’s formation of your soul. Today’s post was written by Melissa Lowther, our Ministry Associate. It is heavily inspired by Richard…

Rejoicing in God with Us

“…where morning dawns and evening fades you call forth songs of joy.” —Psalm 65:8 As many of our brothers and sisters at NSCBC know, on October 22, 2016 we lost our youngest son to metastatic adenocarcinoma pancreatic cancer at the age of 39. I believe that, since we arrived here on July 6 to join…

Sermon Scraps: Sunday’s Coming

In last Sunday’s sermon, Pastor Bobby referenced a powerful message by S.M. Lockridge: It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Comin’! Take a look at the brief portion of his sermon and be reminded today of the living hope we have in Christ!

What difference does resurrection make?

As our daily lives continue in the wake of glorious Easter celebrations last weekend, let us not forget the power of the resurrection. Take a listen to this short personal reflection from British scholar N.T. Wright on what difference the resurrection makes in his life.