Galactic Starveyors: Reflections on God’s Work

We had an incredible week at Galactic Starveyors Vacation Bible School this year! Our staff was made up of over 80 people, including adults and the Student Leadership Team working together for the joy of Jesus. We had an average of 122 children attend throughout the week (July 17-21), searching the visible to discover the invisible.

The students in each class filled out Response Cards to think through their relationship with Jesus at this point in their lives. Many students responded that they have already invited Jesus to be their Savior and Lord, some had questions, and others responded that they were not ready yet. Some students were ready now and were able to pray with their teachers, inviting Jesus to be their Savior and Lord! We gave those children follow-up booklets to help them learn more about their faith walk. We also gave six Bibles as gifts to children that didn’t have one of their own, as they were interested in wanting to learn more about Jesus. Please continue to pray for all the children that attended our VBS, that seeds have been planted and will continue to grow in them.

Our VBS missionary, Bekah Steele, was able to join us multiple times, and it was a blessing to meet our mission focus in person throughout VBS week! We encouraged the children, through some “friendly competition” between age groups, to take on filling the three rocket ships and bring in their loose change to support a Christian Pakistani family who is seeking asylum in Thailand. Bekah is personally connected with this family and had shared with us that any money raised will help their son go to school and provide enough food for them each month. Our official donation tally was $861.20, which will be shared with this Pakistani family!

We also encouraged children to write notes, prayers, or draw pictures to be given to Bekah’s art students at the Global English School in Thailand. One fourth grade student wrote, “I hope that you know this because if you don’t, you need to. God loves you soooo much, you can’t even imagine.”

I got a glimpse of that love during the week: God shining through our VBS staff and pouring into the hearts of these children. It was a gift to serve alongside all our VBS staff this year. Thank you!

Genesia Christensen is our Director of Children’s Ministry. She has a passion to see kids start and build their relationships with Jesus and she worked with a great team who helped make VBS a success this year!