Supporting the Diverse Range of Work for God’s Kingdom

In this post read about how our church, through the Outreach Ministries Fund, has been supporting a variety of projects this year that further the work of God’s Kingdom on the North Shore and around the world

The huge extent of God’s Kingdom

Have you ever noticed that while Christians share a common faith, the work they engage in is incredibly diverse? This is no surprise — God’s Kingdom is vast, it touches and renews all things, spreading out to every tribe, tongue, and nation. That means that people living in the Kingdom of God will through a renewed vision have the opportunity to use their vocations and gifts in a huge variety of ways to bless every community in the world.

Many people in our church have been given this sort of renewed vision by God and have heard God’s call to serve his Kingdom in all sorts of creative ways. 

How we support the diverse range of Kingdom work

At NSCBC we like to encourage the diverse range of Kingdom building opportunities that there are by providing funding for various projects and initiatives through our Outreach Ministries Fund (OMF). Years ago, as NSCBC planned a building expansion, leaders had the foresight to look beyond the walls they were building. They recognized that God’s kingdom is so much bigger than the programs of NSCBC. OMF launched as a commitment to forever give a percent of capital revenue toward the mission of the Church universal, outside the scope of existing NSCBC ministries. Each quarter, a team gathers to consider applications and provide funding. Members, World Partners, and attendees are invited to propose projects in line with the church’s vision and the fund’s priorities. 

Here are examples of projects that were funded in the last year:

  • Last September, excessive pressure in natural gas lines caused a series of explosions and fires in dozens of homes in Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover, leaving some displaced or without gas until mid-December. Recognizing that God moves toward need, OMF made a gift to support Cor Unum, an organization providing hundreds of meals each day in Lawrence. 
  • OMF contributed scholarships allowing two young people to attend Young Life camp in Saranac Lake NY for a week this summer. Not only was this an opportunity their families could not afford, the experience intentionally built on relationships and allowed these young people to grasp a better understanding of the gospel. 
  • In coalition with the work of our World Partners in North Africa, OMF contributed to a series of training opportunities aimed at shifting the way people with disabilities live, participate, and are served, bringing to life the truth that God has created all people in his image and everyone has value and dignity in his kingdom.
  • OMF provided funds for a rainwater collection tank in Nicaragua by Mission: Hope. The tank will serve a small school in a community where Mission: Hope also runs a community health program. It will point the community to the hope of the gospel to renew and refresh both body and soul.

We praise God for the work of our partners and how he is using them!

How we can support you

This isn’t all for this year. Along with other funded projects the OMF team has 3-4 gifts that can be awarded before 2019 closes. Perhaps you know of a project that would benefit from our partnership?

OMF will provide funding for projects that promote evangelism or meet social service needs both local and worldwide. OMF prefers to support projects that involve church members and world partners, or those of neighbors and friends. If you are involved in your local community (or anywhere else in the world) and have a project that needs financial support, we invite you to read more and apply on the church website or speak with OMF Chair, Anne Bajema.