Jesus: The Way

Read John 14:1-14

One beautiful fall day, I went for a walk with my then 5-year-old daughter. We skipped along a path in the woods behind our condo, scampered over large rocks and crunched the fallen leaves that blanketed the ground. Eventually, we exited the other side of the woods, looping back on a road that brought us to the main entrance of our complex.

Though I could see our condo, I held her hand and asked, “Lindsay, do you know the way home from here?” 

“Nope,” she glibly replied. 

“Uh oh, are you at all worried about that?” I asked, feigning concern in my voice. 

“No, Silly, you’re with me and you know the way!”

Wise words from a 5-year-old.

Seeking the way

In contrast, in John 14, Jesus’ disciples felt lost and troubled. Jesus had just rocked their world, breaking the news that He was about to leave them to return to His Father, and telling them they knew the way to the place he was headed. When Thomas objected that they didn’t know the way, Jesus replied, “I am the way.”

More than a map

I don’t know about you, but I am a Google Maps guy. I like to hear that authoritative, computerized voice telling me that I should turn left in one mile and then not think about it. And I often wish God would just as clearly say at times, “The answer to your deep question is 500 feet ahead and on the right.” Here’s my conclusion: I think He cares about directions and destinations, but I think He cares even more about turning us into people who trust Him along the way. And that’s all we need to know today. He is the great I AM, and He promises His presence, His comfort, and His Spirit as we hold His hand and trust Him to lead us home, Silly.

Do you feel lost and uncertain of the way? Confused in an increasingly complex world? What are specific concerns He is calling you to trust Him with today? How might you invest in learning the way of Jesus in the coming year?


Written by Ted Child

Artwork by Silas Bartley, age 8, The Way