Good Friday to Easter: Art Timelapse

During this past season of Lent, one of the prayer stations in the church sanctuary invited us to write on a canvas the things that we lost this year, the things we are grieving over, and the things that caused us pain and heartache. It is good to name these things and lay them at the feet of Jesus. And the message of Good Friday is that we don’t suffer alone. Jesus is not far off in our suffering. He came to enter into our suffering, and ultimately to suffer for us. He grieves with us. All of the brokenness, pain, and suffering of this sinful world has been laid upon him.

Watch this video (created for the Good Friday and Easter Sunday virtual services) to see those expressions turned into a communal lament. Near the end of the timelapse, we see how the good news of the resurrection means that the grave becomes an empty tomb and light and hope break forth. This gives us a new perspective when we go through trials. It means that we don’t have to despair because Jesus brings all these broken pieces of our lives together and brings light out of dark places. It means that we have this eternal hope that one day everything will be made right and into a new creation. There is so much brokenness in this world but we have a real hope that we can cling to and invite others to do the same.

Guest writer and artist: Rebekah Steele

This art piece will be displayed at the church as a memorial in honor of loved ones we have lost this past year.