Small Group Testimony: Jen L.

As we kick off another fall season and try to organize ourselves around perhaps new schedules and demands, I would like to share from my experience the value of committing to a small group. One thing I have learned is that life is full of surprises, some good and some unwanted. The Bible talks of the value and command to share each others burdens as well as to rejoice with those who rejoice. In a small group you can in fact do just that and grow together spiritually. During the past few years of dealing with my husband’s rare neurodegenerative disease as well as other painful experiences my small group has prayed for us, brought us meals faithfully and visited. In turn I have been able pray and help share their burdens as life has brought its cares and burdens to them. As we have seen prayer answered and have been able to grow from listening and learning from each other I believe we have all grown in our walk with God, doing life better together.
I encourage everyone to get involved in a small group and experience this for yourself.