What does this mean?

We often struggle to view the places where we spend most of our time during the day—our workplaces, schools, homes, cafes – as our mission fields, and lack the understanding, boldness, or creativity for how to live as fruitful witnesses for Christ in these settings. It is our aim to see people grasp that they are missionaries in these everyday settings, and make bold, creative efforts to communicate Christ’s grace there, in word and deed.

One Minute Intro


These resources will help you explore what it would look like to develop this characteristic in your life as a disciple:
  • WATCH Anne’s story to see an illustration of how Anne’s everyday settings became places for mission in her life (5 mins).

Pray and Reflect

  1. Reflect on Anne’s story in the video.  Can you relate to her experience?  What everyday settings in your life might you be looking as places to be a witness for Christ?
  2. Pray that God would lead you into a growing awareness of how the places you live, work, and play are places for mission, and pray that God would share with you his compassion for the people in these places.

Dive Deeper

Check out these books and videos for a “deep dive” into the theology and practice of living on mission in everyday life.

Get Connected

Growing as a disciple is a group project.  Here’s how you can grow in this characteristic with others:  
  • I’d like to join a small group where I can be encouraged, prayed for, and challenged to live on mission in my everyday settings. (link to SG page)
  • I’d like to get coffee with a staff member and consider how I can grow in my intentionality in living on mission in my everyday settings.