What does this mean?

We hope to see people grow in their grasp—with both the head and heart—of the gospel narrative. By “the gospel narrative”, we are referring to the story of God’s gracious work to rescue and restore his fallen creation. We want people to feel like they can situate themselves in this narrative and apply its good news to their individual struggles, hopes, fears, and aspirations, as well as to pressing societal issues. We hope to see the gospel increasingly come to define and root people’s identities, such that they can grasp the call to live both distinctly different from the surrounding culture, yet also deeply engaged with it, for its benefit.

One Minute Intro


These resources will help you explore what it would look like to develop this characteristic in your life as a disciple:
  • WATCH “The Grace Narrative” by Tim Keller (5 mins).

Pray and Reflect

  1. Reflect on the last article on the gospel and body image, or the last video on the gospel and justice. How might we approach these “issues of our everyday life and world” differently, if we didn’t believe the gospel?
  2. Think about an area where life “hurts” right now (loneliness, fear, insecurity, etc).  How might grasping the gospel narrative change the way you think and feel in the midst of this?
  3. Pray that God would give you an increased hunger to grow in your understanding of the gospel narrative, and increasing wisdom to view all of life from a gospel “lens.”

Dive Deeper

Check out these books and videos for a “deep dive” into the theology and practice of how to intentionally lead others to live as gospel-centered disciples.

Get Connected

Growing as a disciple is a group project.  Here’s how you can grow in this characteristic with others: 
  • I’d like to join a small group where I can discover with others how to lead others to live as gospel-centered disciples.
  • I’d like to get coffee with a staff member and consider how I can either begin or continue to lead others to live as gospel-centered disciples. Email Richard to set this up.
  • I’d like to check out a Christian Formation course to learn alongside others how to think with a gospel lens about the issues of my everyday life and world.