We are ordinary people

Christians experience life just like everyone else. We go through trials and suffering. We have seasons of joy and celebration. We sin, repent, and sin again. We are not excluded from the brokenness of life; but we are taken through it by our gracious Savior. This should make us humble, because we’re fallen like everyone else, but also bold, because God is changing us and loves us still. This is why you can find Christians from every culture, race, class, and background because we have a common experience of God’s grace.

United by an extraordinary hope

Our church’s unity is not something we create or build; it’s a gift we receive in the Gospel. As we come to Christ—our Living Hope—we
are formed into a community of his Spirit. He himself is our peace
and foundation. Therefore, our hope is not wishful thinking or naïve optimism. Hope is found in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Hope is a Person. That’s why it’s extraordinary.

Transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Gospel is good news about what God has done to rescue us through Christ, not good advice about what we must do to save ourselves. And this Good News is the power for the entire Christian life. All of life—work, marriage, art, family, friendship, meaning, goals, finances, civic duty—is to be realigned with the reality of Christ’s holy love. Therefore, we can be realistic and honest about our failures and also hopeful for change through God’s empowering presence in us.

And called to live on mission together

God draws us near and sends us out. He is on mission to reconcile us and our world through the Gospel. Our participation in this mission informs our calling and fills our lives with meaning and purpose. We live on mission as a community and we do not compartmentalize our life, but recognize that all of life are contexts for mission. The effects of sin are vast, but our hope is that God is restoring all of life through Christ and his Spirit. And we as a community seek to align ourselves with His grand vision.