Our loss joined brokenness and love together

The following is a letter from Curtis and Joanne Ersing to our church family, expressing thanks and sharing with us how God has continued to minister to them in this past very difficult year. A letter to our church Dear Church Family of NSCBC, Curtis and I would like to thank each one of you who…

Thanksgiving Eve Service Reflection

Church Elder Dave Sweet encourages us to take a step back this holiday season and be thankful, not just for our individual blessings, but for how we have seen God at work in our church, community, country and world.

Surviving Thanksgiving when you don’t feel thankful

When the feeling is gone Sitting around the table, about to reach for the mashed potatoes, you dread what’s coming next, “Ok everyone, let’s go around and all share what we feel thankful for this year.” It comes to your turn, “I feel thankful for … ?” Sometimes, the feeling of thankfulness is not there….

The Passing of the Torch

It is a weakness in our society today that there is something of a generational divide, with few opportunities existing for regular, meaningful interaction between those in different stages of life. However, this is a strength of the church, and one like ours with people of all ages who gather together as one community around…

Being Missional at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time of year when we can invite others into our homes and share a bit of our lives. It’s a great opportunity to talk about God’s faithfulness and goodness in your life over the last year. Check out this article from Verge for some additional ideas for how to be looking outward during…