Life Together: Practicing Hospitality

Passage: Mark 6:30-44 Guide for Group Discussion or Personal Reflection Sermon Summary Statistics show that people feel lonelier and more isolated than ever before. For a culture facing such a “loneliness epidemic,” the gospel comes as good news. It is a message of hospitality for the stranger, and it has the power to create a…

Gospel Hospitality

This post is a reflection by Olivia Wood on the recent Christian Formation class ‘Gospel Hospitality’ Me? Evangelism? “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19) Growing up as an evangelical Christian, I was taught from this verse that I could not separate my faith from the act of evangelism. Just as the…

Labor of Love

This past Sunday, our Advent focus was on love. Church attenders, Robert Gould & Sherry Roe-Gould shared about how Christ’s love has impacted their lives: especially Robert’s work in science and their family’s passion for opening their home to others. They also shared these beautiful song lyrics. Listen to the song “Labor of Love.”

Praying Day-to-Day

Those following the 30 Days of Prayer Guide will find themselves praying today about affordability. Just yesterday the following article ran in the Salem News and readers will find it complements our day of prayer quite well: Housing crunch leaves renters, buyers waiting. We hope that the discipline of using a local Prayer Guide will…


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